What Happens To Your Body After A Car Accident?


Meeting with an accident will change lots of things. This article will explain what happens to your body after a car accident.

Accidents are always violent. Even if you gave the feeling that accidents can only cause physical damages, they aren’t. Some accidents don’t cause any physical damage, while mental setbacks make you die throughout life in different stages. Damages happened to your cars can be uncountable when comparing a scar that happened to your face. When it comes to mentally damaged accidents, you will see a physical scar is less than nothing. As an adult, you should be aware of what happens to your body after a car accident for a complete recovery.


What Happens To Your Body After A Car Accident Immediately?


Some symptoms can be observed immediately after an accident. Either someone near you or yourself can identify these symptoms after a simple inspection. Although you can feel the pain, you will not be able to do that as the pain is not recognizable due to the confusion and having more wounds. Therefore the best thing to do is to ask another person to inspect you before the medical assistance arrives. Following sign should be concerned by you immediately after an accident.


1. Facial Injuries Are Common


Facial injuries are the most common types of injuries after an accident. Having all of the sensing organs, your face has exposed to the environment when the accident takes place. Steering wheel, airbags, doors, windscreen, and the car’s inner content can hazardous accidents to your face. Then, what happens to your body after a car accident is having bleedings. Although you may feel the pain, you will not be able to observe it. Therefore, you should ask another person to examine you. Also, he/she should be able to see that there is not any signs of internal bleedings, redness in the eyes, and the deep wounds.


2. Cuts And Scratches


What causes the cuts and causes after an accident are metal and glass. Therefore the wound goes deeper and makes you feel less pain. Even if you feel the slightest pain in your body, you will have to look for these cuts and scratches. It will be better if you more concerned about the bleedings than the pain. Application of bandages. When it comes to the broken teeth and the bones, you will have to wait until the medical team arrives.  


3. Burns


Burns are also what happens to your body after a car accident. If your car has run into more trouble making collisions, there will be heated oil and liquids that run into the body. You have to know that the burns are more dangerous than the typical wounds as well. Although the pain can be tolerated, you will suffer from them in the future. They require both physical treatments as well as psychological.


4. Pain Without Wounds, Scratches, And Wounds


As an adult, you must be aware that an external wound, burn, and an injury can be dealt easily. Although the scars may trouble you in the future, you have the freedom to treat them as the way you like. When it comes to the internal wounds, you don’t get the freedom nor the relief with them. Most importantly, you have to be careful about the pains that you don’t get to see any wound. Following pains will decode the type of your danger.


5. Headache Is What Happens To Your Body After A Car Accident Without A Wound


As you have already read, facial wounds are common. They happen to occur after hitting your head on different parts of the vehicle. If you feel a severe headache after the accident, you must state out to the medical team. If the medical assistance is not there yet, you will have to call for the immediate support of a person. Because you can lose control of the vital organs and get unconscious, you will have to take immediate measures. Cracked vertebrates, damaged brain, compressed nerves, and damaged skeleton may lead to having headaches. If you feel like the pain spreads up to the back and the legs, you will lose consciousness ion any second. That is what happens to your body after a car accident with damages to the head.


6. Abdominal Pains Are Crucial Too


Although the pain in the stomach is something that you can ignite pretty easily in the daily routine, that will be something to be afraid of after an accident. Food is what bothers you in day-to-day life. But, internal bleeding is what happens to your body after a car accident. The more blood comes into the abdominal section, the more pain will increase. Also, the damage that happened to the organs will increase if you don’t get medication. The dizziness, headaches, nausea, shortened breath, and feeling to go to the toilet signs will indicate the danger you are in.


Following signs and symptoms will indicate that you have an internal bleeding.


  • Dizziness
  • Fainting and the loss of balance
  • Deep purple bruising
  • Severe Stomach pain
  • Pains in the lower abdominal part
  • Constipation and the stools in black colour
  • Diarrhea and stool passing with blood
  • Fever with sweating


7. Numbness


If you don’t feel your muscles or the parts of the body, that will be something to occur without a wound. A sudden numbness is always a fatal sign after an accident. You should be able to feel the spreading of the pain from head to legs in case of a severe damage. Also, it can be due to, you had been spending time in the post-accident shock and missed those symptoms as well. You will be able to press different parts of your body and check whether they can be sensed or not.


What happens to your body after a car accident Few Days Later?


There are some special disease conditions that you need to know. Although you have the idea what happens to your body after a car accident, these special physical and mental conditions can rarely be identified. Although there are special people who can identify them, most people don’t visit them thinking that they are fully recovered after the accident. If you or your loved ones have these conditions, you will have to take immediate care after an accident.


1. Neck Or Shoulder Pain


Even after recovering from the pains, the pain on the neck or the shoulder can still be there. According to researches, more than 60% of accident victims show neck or shoulder pain after having an accident. Also, 93% of such people are found after accidents that faced below 13MPH or 20kph accidents. As previously mentioned, these accidents are not taken either to the police or the hospital thinking they are all fine. You have to take these whiplash injuries seriously as severe conditions can be developed in the future. Having Ct scans and X-ray scans are vital after visiting a doctor. Since the doctors are aware of what happens to your body after a car accident lately or immediately, they will recommend the treatments you should take.


2. Changes In The Personality


The University of California conducted a research on accidents and personality in 2019, which found out amazing facts about the personality associations with the accidents. It showed that 45% of the people don’t like to talk about the accident due to its harshness. When it comes to their personalities, the accidents remain as a bad memory. 23% of the people who met with car accidents have followed a counsellor to make up their mind. Also, according to the researchers, they have concluded that these numbers can be higher than mentioned numbers as some accidents don’t go into the record books. Even if it is a wild animal that got hit on your vehicle, you should have a proper evaluation on your personality or meet a counsellor. Otherwise, you may end up having a changed personality that can result in a job, education, family life, and more things.


3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 


Unlike the changed personality, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD is something that either you or a doctor. The important thing about PTSD is that anyone else’s accident can cause the disorder for someone else. For example, if you see that one of your loved ones is suffering after an accident, this can happen. Even if you don’t know what happens to your body after a car accident, this will be what an accident can do to your mind. Frustration, anxiety, depression, and psychiatric conditions can be an extensive part of PTSD. Therefore, if you or your loved ones seem desperate after a car accident, taking them for treatments will be essential.

If you don’t have the idea to identify the signs that you have a mental disorder, the following signs will indicate that.


  • Severe Migraines or Headaches
  • Dizziness throughout the day
  • Confusion and Frustration
  • Mood swings and irregularities in Moods
  • Changes in Sleep pattern
  • Different variations in response time
  • Sensitivity to light or the noise
  • Nausea and stomachaches
  • Short term memory loss


4. Soft Tissue Damages


Unlike the severe damages that occurred to your body, soft tissue damages can stay hidden for long times. Sometimes, it takes a couple of weeks to show these damages to you as well. Soft tissue damages can be named as damages that occurred to muscles, ligaments, and tendons. There are three types of soft tissue damage that can hurt you, sprains, strains, and contusions. Soft tissue damages can cause pain primarily. They can be identified according to the swelling, stiffness, and change of colour in a specific area. Most of the soft tissue damages are reported related to the shoulders. But, they may differ from accident to accident. But, you have to know that soft tissue damages are one of the things that happen to your body after a car accident.




If you don’t know what happens to your body after a car accident, this content will help you for sure. The identification of the conditions lies on the observation ability. If it is you who meets with a tragic end, you will not be able to observe it yourself. Therefore, asking for immediate help from the accident scene will help you to save either part of your entire life as well. But, you have to know that some of the conditions cannot be identified easily, which means it is up to the level of observation. Another thing that you need to know is that the victim always doesn’t have to be among the people who faced an accident but a relative of them. After seeing how their loved ones suffer, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can occur to them as well.

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