How much do car wreckers pay ?

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If you want to sell your old car to a car wrecking company. It is essential to know how much car wreckers pay for your vehicle and what factors would determine the price of your vehicle. There are several factors that determine how much car wreckers pay for your vehicle. Every car has value regardless of its condition because car wreckers will salvage the car components and parts which they will sell later. Car wreckers in Brisbane ready to pay you up to $15 000 for your junk at any time. All you need to do is contact us over the phone or using our online form.


Here are a few factors that determine the price of your old car.


Model and year of your vehicle brand


This is one of the basic factors that determine the price of your vehicle. Manufactured year and the company determine the current value of the car and its parts. If the car parts are rare to find in the market and demand is high such a car have a high value. Another thing to consider is that car materials can change year to year because these days many automobile manufacturers focus to use environmentally friendly materials. Therefore cars from certain years contain less aluminum and steel which decreases the metal weight of the vehicle. Due to less metal weight, the value of the vehicle may decrease to great extent.

How much car wreckers pay


Scrap metal price in the market


This is one of the factors many car owners don’t think about but it plays a great role in determining the price of any old clinker. Steel and Aluminum are the most commonly used materials in the automobile industry. Approximately a car contained about 2400 pounds of steel and 500 pounds of aluminum. Some old cars that may not worth salvaging can be sold for reprocessing. If the demand for steel and aluminum is high in the market then possibly you can get a high cash reward from car wreckers even if your vehicle is dead or no longer in running condition. So it is essential to keep your eye on the scrap metal market when you are selling your old junk.


Current Condition of the vehicle


If your old clunker is live and still in good condition then you can get high value for your car because car wreckers can salvage your car into parts and sell them. Metal parts of the vehicle will be sold for reprocessing. But if you own an old rusty clunker that is no longer in running condition then possibly you can receive the scrap value of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle model is high and has few issues then you can get a good cash reward for your vehicle because car wreckers can fix those issues and sell it for a higher value in the market.


Spare parts market price


Every part of your old vehicle has value. Still, many car owners like to use second-hand spare parts rather than brand new ones. Because second-hand spare parts are cheaper and affordable. If your vehicle parts like Starters, Armatures, Commutators, Gears, Tie-Rod Ends, Ball Joints, U-J Cross etc are in good and working condition car wreckers can salvage your vehicle into parts and sell them in the market. But the price of these vehicles parts heavily depend on the demand and supply of the market. Suppose if some spare parts are hard to find but have heavy demand in the market those parts can be sold for a higher amount.


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