6 signs to know your car is junk


In simple terms, the meaning of a junk car is an unwanted car or an old and damaged car that is no longer worth repairing. Local governments have their own definitions of junk cars in order to avoid them running on the streets. Junk cars often can be harmful to the environment and even to the whole community. 

If your car is not running smoothly and it spends most of its time in the repair shop than on the roads. Then probably its time to say goodbye to your old beater and move to something more modern. It is always a hard choice to move to a new vehicle but if you are facing continuous troubles because of your vehicle then you can’t just ignore it.

Here are 6 signs to know if it is time to junk your car


1. Age of the car


The average life span of a car is 12-15 years in Brisbane. If your car is older than 15 years, shows more than 175 000 miles on the meter and you no longer feel safe when you are driving the car. Then its time to make a decision about the car. You may probably have shared happy memories with your car but it is always better to sell your junk car as soon as the time comes. It will allow you to get good value for the vehicle. As time passes your vehicle may lose its value and eventually you will have to sell it for less price.


2. Continues repairing


Everybody knows genuine car parts are always expensive. It is not a secret that junk car owners always have to deal with continues car repairing. Continuous repairing charges may cost you thousands of dollars and end up breaking your bank. Spending thousands of dollars on a junk car is useless. The awesome news is that car wreckers allows you to walk away from such a car and instead of troubles you receive the best cash for your junk car. You can make a smart move and buy a new vehicle with new features.


3. The car has been damaged heavily


If your car has met an accident or rust is destroying your car, then you have no option but to contact the nearest car wrecking company or junkyard to remove your car. They will offer you a cash reward for your damaged or rusty car. Many car crash victims end up selling their vehicles for wrecking because they doubt the reliability of the vehicle. It is always a smart choice to move to something better.


4. Hard to find a buyer


Most car owners would like to sell their vehicle to someone but what if no one wants to buy it. When your vehicle model is too old and the vehicle condition is poor then it will be a hard task to find a buyer because nobody wants to spend their money on something useless. Then the best option is to contact the nearest junkyard. Furthermore, car wreckers have an ongoing deal called get the top cash for your car. All you have to do is contact us over the mobile or using our online form. We offer you undeniable value for any kind of vehicle. So you don’t need to be panic if no one wants to buy your vehicle because car wreckers are always there to take care of any kind of vehicle. We are known to be one of the best dealers in the market.


5. Low Safety rating


When you using a vehicle safety always comes first. If you are using an old, rusty and outdated vehicle, then your vehicle’s safety standards are very low. These days all automobile manufacturers are trying to enhance the safety standards and make driving safer. Here are several features that have been added to modern vehicles,


  • Airbags –  It protects you from severe accidents
  • Vehicle Overspeed warning device- it monitors the vehicle speed and warns the driver if the vehicle exceeds the pre-determined speed level.
  • Anti-Lock brakes – Helps the driver to stop the vehicle without skidding on slippery runways.
  • Advance seat belts-Prevents the driver come in contact with the interior surface of the vehicle during an accident 


Probably your old car may not have non of these safety features which means its time to replace your car with something modern. If you are interested you can always contact us to get a free cash quote for your vehicle from us.


6. Don’t have a title


If you don’t have the title for your vehicle then legally you can’t sell it to anyone without documentation. To obtain such documentation is always a tough job. Junking your vehicle is the best and most convenient option for you. You don’t need any documentation to junk your car. It will allow you to receive cash and save you from spending time on a lengthy process as well. It is 100% legal to sell your car to a junkyard. Contact us today if you want to get a free cash quote for your untitled vehicle. 

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