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unregistered car buyers
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Selling an unregistered car is a really hard job as you need to place an ad online or in the newspaper. Often most of the buyers will be suspicious about the car. When you are trying to sell your car without rego papers, you have to considerably drop your car’s price because it is illegal to send an unregistered vehicle to the street without proper insurance. So, selling a without rego is always a hard mountain to climb. But don’t worry, there is a better place where you can get top cash up to $15000 for unregistered cars even it is too old to be registered or in bad condition. Wouldn’t that be perfect? Well, that is what you get when you trust our unregistered car buyer service. We are one of the leading unregisters car buyers in Brisbane.


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Most reliable unregistered car buyers in Brisbane

We are offering the top cash for unregistered vehicles in Brisbane for more than ten years. We also provide you free car removal service, which means you don’t have to spend a single penny to get your unregistered car removed from your property. Our process is really simple and quick. We buy all kinds of unregistered vehicles regardless of their condition, model, brand and odometer reading. Our cash for unregistered cars offers you up to $15 000 cash which we will pay you on the spot when we come to pick your vehicle. Selling an unregistered vehicle is no longer a burden, but it is an easy way to some quick cash.

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What type of unregistered cars do you buy?

Often car buyers like to buy registered cars because it is really easy to deal with them, and buyers don’t have to go through the hard registration process. But car wreckers buy all type of unregistered vehicles regardless of their condition, brand and model. Our team understand the value of every vehicle better than anyone else in the market. We are always prioritizing honesty when we quote. We can assure you that you get the best offer for your unregistered vehicle.

We accept all brand, including:


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Get a free quote for your unregistered vehicle?

Car wreckers have been serving customers in Brisbane for more than ten years. We have a good experience team about the automobile market and the industry. Our quote is based on the details you provide to us. Our quote is always prioritizing honesty, and we will give the best cash offer in the market for your unregistered vehicle. We also have live customer support. If you have any questions, you can ask them from our agent and guide you through our process.

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Why do you buy unregistered vehicles?

It is always a hard task to get rid of an unregistered vehicle as we have to go through a complicated process. As one of the best-unregistered car buyers in Brisbane, we are experienced in handling such cars. When we buy an unregistered vehicle first, we check if the car is in good shape and still usable, then we register the car and try to sell it. In case the registration fails, we dismantle the car into components. Useable components will sell as second-hand spare parts, and the remaining unusable parts will send for reprocessing.

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