If Your Car Doesn’t Start After Stopping, One Of These Will Be Reasons


A car that doesn’t start will be a nightmare in the morning. If your car doesn’t start after stopping, these reasons will ignite your mind to fix it. Having a dead car without staring can be the worst way to start your day. As a car owner, you have to know that there is not just one but many ways to have a car. Before finding the cause to have a deal car, you won’t need to find a solution at all. This content will help if your car doesn’t start after stopping.


A Dead Battery Will Have To Be Checked If Your Car Doesn’t Start After Stopping


The battery is the first thing to check after having a car that won’t start. Since there is not enough power in the battery to start the ignition, your car won’t start. As one of the most common reasons for having a dead car, the battery will have to be checked.

If you leave the car’s lights on during the night, that will cause to have a car that won’t start. The best way to confirm having a dead battery is to have an electrical system that works. Although you turn on the dashboard with a single rotation, you will see nothing.


Failed Alternator Is Another Reason


If your car doesn’t start after stopping, the alternator will also have to be checked. The required power is provided to the battery and the vehicle’s ongoing consumption by the alternator. Having a failed alternator causes not to provide the energy into those two sections. Although you can run a vehicle along with a dead battery, you will not be able to drive with a failed alternator. What requires after having a dead battery is to pull the car to get started. When it comes to an alternator with faults, even the basic functions will not work. The best way to identify an alternator with faults is the indication of the battery while driving. If not, you will have to conduct a battery test to verify it as well.


Clogged Fuel Filters


Unlike any part of a car, the fuel filter is a part that needs to be replaced within a specific time period. Since the fuel filter becomes expired after a mileage of 24000km on average, the service centers replace the fuel filters. If you forget to replace or the quality of the fuel gets low, the clogging will happen in the fuel filter. It means, if your car doesn’t start after stopping, the clogged fuel filter either has to be cleaned or replaced. You can identify a clogged fuel filter by strange smells, difficulty in acceleration, and the low performance of the engine.


Issues In The Starter Motor


One of the reasons to have a car that won’t start is a starter motor with issues. Although the battery and alternator are doing well, the starter motor doesn’t involve into its duty, start the car. If you hear a slight clicking noise under the hood that will be the starter motor’s noise. Since the starter motor’s duty is to work in full effort to start the engine in the end, you can conclude that the clicking noise is a part of the issues. However, you have to make sure that the starter motor gets enough power from the battery at the same moment. When it t comes to various problems a starter motor can have, corrosive matter, lose cable connections, excess oil on the starter motor surface, and outdated starter motor are prominent causes.


Problems In The Ignition System


Although a failed ignition system cannot cause not allowing the car to start, such rare cases can be identified. If you feel like the car tries to start and it won’t start, that can also be due to the problems in the ignition system. Having a faulty ignition coil causes other remaining coils to bear the electricity transmission. The end result is getting the other switches failed. Therefore, having all the ignition coils failed will cause you to have a car that won’t start. Besides there can be problems in the spark plugs. If your car doesn’t start after stopping, these things should be checked in the ignition system.


If Your Car Doesn’t Start Sticky Key Might Be Causing That


As you know the key is a primary tool that you have to use for the ignition.  The more you use the key, the more metal parts start to wear and tear. After using the key for a long time, the expected duty cannot be achieved by the key. Therefore, you have to check the key in case of a car that won’t start. Most of the times adding oil into the keyhole will fix that.


If Your Car Doesn’t Start After Stopping, Finally What Will You Do?


The mentioned reasons will indicate the reasons if your car doesn’t start after stopping. As a car owner, you will have to learn lots of additional things. Being familiar with the dashboard signals, identifying the nature of the engine’s noise, the vibration of the vehicle, and lots of things. When it comes to a sudden situation, if your car doesn’t start after stopping, you will be clueless for sure.

If none of the mentioned causes don’t seem to fit into the situation, you will have one more thing, conducting a scan. It means that you have to keep a scanner to read the warning signals given by the car. That is neither a costly thing nor a difficult thing to do. All you have to do is to read the error and decode the error code on the internet.


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